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2nd March 2012

HONITON: Waste Not Want Not recycling day saves over 400 kilos from landfill

By Laura Goldsbury Noy

HUNDREDS poured through the doors of Honiton’s Mackarness Hall to join in the town’s biggest ever recycling event. 

As the first of its kind in the town, Honiton Waste Not Want Not was a great success, attracting 280 people in just a few hours. 

The recycling event, aimed at gathering unwanted goods from the local community and giving them free to a new home that could make use of them, was led by Karen Berger who planned and organised the day with a small group of volunteers. 

The swap and share idea came when Ms Berger recognised that one person’s waste could be needed by another and, with a huge amount of waste that could be reused or was still in working condition, the event was the perfect opportunity to get across the important message.

The day began with a drop off of donated goods which were sold alongside items that had been collected in the past few weeks. Good quality, unwanted items such as toys and games, jewellery, kitchen items, crockery, books and garden tools were donated with the hall packed full of free goods.

Most of the goods were sold in just two hours, with visitors leaving the hall with boxes and bags full of new things having paid an entrance fee of just £1.

All items that left the hall were weighed so organisers could show East Devon District Council how much waste was saved from landfill. In total, 470 kilograms of items were recycled.

There were only a few boxes of items leftover, which were taken to local charity shops in Honiton. A few other items were also taken to the Recycling Centre in Pinhoe and some of the electrical goods were taken to RiO in Ottery St Mary, where they will be PAT tested and sold on. All paper, glass, plastic and cardboard generated during the event was also recycled, with only one small box of unusable goods sent to landfill. 

Members of Honiton Transition Town showed their support by attending the event, including Councillor Sharon Pavey and Mandy Jennings from the Otter Rotters. Waste Management Officers from East Devon District Council also joined in, providing recycling information as well as special recycling freebies, including pens and mugs to bags and recipe books. 

Waste Not Want Not organiser, Ms Berger, told The Weekender: “I just couldn’t have done it without my amazing volunteers. They all arrived as promised and worked really hard throughout the day with the catering, lifting and carrying, talking to visitors and of course tidying afterwards. 

“Thank you to everyone that helped make the event a success. The amount we recycled and the staggered near on half a ton that we saved from landfill proved that this kind of event really works.

“Establishing the links with all the other recycling awareness groups gave me a great deal of support and I am so grateful to everyone who gave out information and pushed the recycling concept. 

“We had a lot of donations which was great, but after a few hours, a lot had already been taken away so I hope for future events many more will take part and join in. 

“Many have asked if I will do something similar again and the answer is yes! The event was very successful and can only help green issues in and around Honiton.”

Ms Berger went on to thank Sharon Pavey of Transition Town Honiton for her help in promoting the event and Kim who designed and made the banner for the event at a very small charge. 

PICTURE 1: GREAT SUCCESS - The Waste Not Want Not Volunteers celebrate the successful day

PICTURE 2: TRANSITION Town Honiton volunteers Elena, baby Louisa and Rufus Duffin, Lorna Boyland and Councillor Sharon Pavey

PICTURE 3: MANDY Jennings from the Otter Rotters supports the event alongside Waste Management Officers Steve Joyce and Karen Arnett

HONITON: Waste Not Want Not recycling day saves over 400 kilos from landfillHONITON: Waste Not Want Not recycling day saves over 400 kilos from landfillHONITON: Waste Not Want Not recycling day saves over 400 kilos from landfill


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